Saturday, May 7, 2011

Houses for Mom

While Fabrications, Embellish or other boutique stores now satisfy my Mother's Day shopping needs, I remember having designed a house for my mom.  It had tunnels, an elevator, and a helicopter pad - all the things my 8 year old mind thought my mom might enjoy (or that I would have enjoyed, anyway).

Le Corbusier, a Swiss architect and urbanist, is celebrated for several avant-garde buildings.  Although not one of his designs incorporate the essential elements of underground tunnels with elevators, he did build a house for his mom: La Maison Blanche.


Le Corbusier was 25 a the time; the house was completed in 1912; and the design was revolutionary for its time: assymetrical, 10 different types of windows and contrasted building techniques and the sinuous lines of art nouveau that prevailed at that time.

Not surprisingly, building a house for one's parents is a common dream and accomplishment of many architects.  The following home in in India designed by architect ,for her parents. 

Excerpt from architect Sahana's blog:
"How often does one imagine that one might design the future of one’s parents? Right from when we’re little kids, we rely on our parents to design our lives. Then at some point, if we’re truly growing up, that changes, and we relate with them as adults do with other adults. Then life seems to come full circle, and we have an opportunity to contribute back to their lives. I had the fortune of one such opportunity: to design a home for my parents!"

Miyahara Architect Office:  "House TTN was designed to accommodate three families – the parents and the families of their two daughters. They had decided to live together again with the birth of grandchildren. Thus, the main objective for House TTN is to provide the necessary functions for an “urban” extended family, accommodating the needs of modern nuclear families who have grown accustomed to independent life but have chosen to enjoy the benefits of being part of a large family."

Lastly, I want to celebrate the Koby cottage, by Garrison Architects, a modular cottage built for parents visiting their children at a residential treatment centre.  The cottage was a gift from thankful parents whose family was transformed by  Starr Commonwealths Montcalm School 

Short video of Kolby Cottage construction:

~Happy Mother's Day ~

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