White, white or white?

The trick to choosing a white?  Comparison - as with any colour.  

Certainly there are some industry faves to rely on.  But to be sure of what you're looking at, compare your swatch first to to whatever else is in the room (another paint colour, a sofa...).  When you hold it up to your gold sofa, does the white suddenly look pink?  If so, move on.

White will just look white, until you compare it to other colours or other whites.  

3 Benjamin Moore top picks:

Benjamin Moore

white dove


This color is part of the Off-White Color collection. Inherently sophisticated and endlessly versatile, the Off-White collection offers subtle nuances of whites that suit tranquil, serene environments as well as creates color-enhancing accents for dynamic spaces. 
Modern, fresh & slightly taupe.
Connecticut lake house by architect Gil Schafer and color consultant Eve Ashcroft 

Also White Dove designed by: Jeffrey Bilhuber

Benjamin Moore   Cloud White    CC-40
This is also a great colour for painting furniture.
from Style at Home June 09

Benjamin Moore  Decorator's White  OC-20

Apartment Therapy

ABCD Design

Notes on White from Apartment Therapy:

• Benjamin Moore Super White (cool white, pretty modern/stark)
• Benjamin Moore Linen White (yellowy-peach tone) I love this color, but depending on lighting situation, can look a bit dingey. Has a bit of the Martha Stewart-ness about it
• Benjamin Moore China White (pink undertone, not my favorite)
• Benjamin Moore Ballet White (a bit taupey, I like it, but may look "navajo white" dpending on lighting)
• Benjamin Moore Mayonnaise (hint of lemon white tone)
• Benjamin Moore Decorators White (decorators swear by it, but reminds me of China White)
• Benjamin Moore White Dove (modern cool white, slightly taupe)

• Philips Perfect color BUTTERFLY WHITE (from G&R paint in SF) - LOVE THIS ONE SO MUCH. slightly lighter in color and fresher feeling than linen white. a creamy aioli-esque white) also very Martha-esque
• Ben Moore 925 - clean, fresh and slightly vintage-y
• Ben Moore AF-40 LYCHEE creamy yellow white
• Ben Moore AF-20 MARSCAPONE slightly pink cast
• Ben Moore AF-15 STEAM slightly greeny-taupe

Rules of thumb:
• if there is green light cast in the space: use something pinky to offset
• if there is blue, use peachy
• if there is yellow, user cooler tone

Free online design tools are numerous.  Many are easy to use and quite helpful; others just provide a large dose of e-frustration.  Here is my recent discovery that seems simple and fun:

Imagine you're out on a hike and just ahead, between the salal and oregon grape, you spot fiddleheads in the perfect green for your living room.  You take a snapshot with your iPhone or Blackberry.  Then, using Sherwin-Williams'  ColourSnap app, you receive several suggested fiddlehead-inspired paint colours.

Free & Easy download: www.sherwin-williams.com

When in doubt, call Fitz & Suko Interiors to choose for you!


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